[Japan Mobility Show 2023] "ako: MO" - Daihatsu Motor Co.

Introducing the me:MO, a mini EV car showcased at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 by Daihatsu Motor Co. Tanabe from the Design Department explains that this car is a lightweight vehicle that can accommodate one to four passengers. The me:MO features shared doors on the front, rear, and both sides, allowing for the common use of various parts. Its simple shape allows customers to customize their car according to their lifestyle by changing different parts. These parts can be made by Daihatsu or by the customers themselves, as the data will be open source. Daihatsu aims to create a system where artists and craftsmen can create their own parts, fostering a new relationship between the company and various manufacturers. They hope that this concept will generate excitement and interest among customers and fellow craftspeople who haven’t previously been involved in the automotive industry.Generated by OpenAI